Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Voice of America : video report on the Columbia Pike Documentary Project

Voice of America reporter June Byung Hwa Soh has just posted a piece she has created on Columbia Pike and the Living Diversity book on the VOA website.

It is a cogent and very positive video article on the Pike and our work documenting it.

Take a look by clicking here:

Thanks especially to CPDP photographer Duy Tran, who was also interviewed and provided critical technical assistance with lighting and other logistics (and gets a brief moment onscreen), plus local business owners Claudia Camacho of Cafe Sazon, and Mr. Mohamed of Asni Ethiopian Store. 

All our photographers show up also in a nicely-panned still image of everyone’s faces. (I tried for more inclusive coverage of our team, but I don’t get to edit VOA’s stuff!).

VOA gets beamed worldwide, and has a very large following. This is an exceptional showcase.

It presents us, and the work we have all done together as citizens in Arlington to build and sustain a vital diverse community. It looks good - because we’ve done good. 

I’m proud to live here, and proud of the work our team - Aleksandra, Duy, Mimi, and Paula - along with our many supporters and collaborators - have accomplished.

Enjoy the video.

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