Saturday, July 31, 2010

4600 and 4700 block Columbia Pike, July 2010

A variety of images from mid-Pike, including the new Golden Chicken (Peruvian style restaurant) on the former site of Bob and Edith's second diner.

Photography by Lloyd Wolf

Buchanan Gardens

These photographs are from an event for residents of Buchanan Gardens, just off Columbia Pike. It was sponsored by the Arlington Partnership for Affordable Housing.

The temperature outside was over 100 degrees F.

Photography by Lloyd Wolf

Different views

Most of these photographs were made in the 4600 and 4700 block of Columbia Pike.

Photography by Aleksandra Lagkueva

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Encounters and observations- people along the Pike

Photographs documenting encounters and scenes in the 2700 and 2800 blocks of Columbia Pike in Arlington VA.

Mark Cvetnick (in the yellow shirt), a lifelong resident of the Pike corridor, expressed heartfelt and thoughtful concern about the impact of the ongoing and coming gentrification in the area.

Photography by Lloyd Wolf

Arlington Veterinary Hospital

The Arlington Animal Hospital has been in business in the same location since 1938. There have been five veterinarians/owners in that time. The current lead vet, Frederick B. Jones DVM, who was trained at Tuskegee Institute, continues the multi-generational service to pet owners in the community.

Pictured along with him is specialist Katerina Kavkazskaya.

The vintage sepia photograph pictures the building site under construction in 1938, with a view along Columbia Pike to the east

The black dog in the waiting room is "Moose."

The facility is located at 2624 Columbia Pike Arlington VA 22204.

Photography by Lloyd Wolf