Monday, August 23, 2010

Friends, family, and neighborhood

A selection of newly released images.

Photography by Duy Tran.

Columbia Pike Plaza - night views

Columbia Pike Plaza is in the 5000 block of the Pike.

Photography by Duy Tran

Emilio Vasquez

Serious tattoos - and a lot of living.

Photography by Duy Tran.

Ted and Family

Ted and his family live along Columbia Pike in Arlington, VA. Ted has successfully recovered from some great challenges. His mother, who is a very strong character, is a former sheriff.

Photography by Duy Tran.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

High Sierra Pools - staff

These photographs are of the office staff of High Sierra Pools, a full-scale pool-management firm with a variety of customers including commercial apartment buildings, condominiums, home owners associations, hotels, recreation facilities and fitness centers. They have approximately 1500 employees, who operate hundreds of facilities in the mid-Atlantic area.

Their administrative staff is highly international. Many are of Eastern-European origin; they come from Poland, Bulgaria, Serbia, Russia, Ukraine, and the Czech Republic (and from Chilean and US origin also).

Thanks to their VP, Radek Kaczor, for inviting CPDP to include the firm as part of our documentation of life along Columbia Pike.

They are located at 1012 S. Cleveland Street in Arlington, just off Columbia Pike.

The office's Yorkshire terrier is named "Chudlik," which means "Buttons" in Czech.

Photography by Lloyd Wolf