Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Aftermath of the storm

The area experienced a record snowfall last week.

These are some images from along Columbia Pike recording the situation as it slowly began to thaw out, and the people emerging from a few days of being cooped up in survival mode.

Photography by Lloyd Wolf

Monday, February 8, 2010

Encounters: people along the Pike; winter 2010

From a winter walk.

"Meryem" is an immigrant from Fez, Morocco. The Liberty Tax ad pitchman, a regular fixture in front of the Columbia Pike Plaza this time of year, is a hardworking Bolivian immigrant.

Photography by Lloyd Wolf

Asni Store- Mr. Muhamed

Mr. Muhamed is the owner of the Asni Ethiopian store at 104 S. Edgewood Street, one block off Columbia Pike. He has been in the US about 20 years, and works two jobs (including the store) to support his family. He and his wife share running the business. They have 5 children.

Photography by Lloyd Wolf

Pike views- winter 2010

After yet another snow... and a cold, but interesting, walk.

Homes and businesses- and Four Mile Run as it passes under the Pike.

Photography by Lloyd Wolf