Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Voice of America : video report on the Columbia Pike Documentary Project

Voice of America reporter June Byung Hwa Soh has just posted a piece she has created on Columbia Pike and the Living Diversity book on the VOA website.

It is a cogent and very positive video article on the Pike and our work documenting it.

Take a look by clicking here:

Thanks especially to CPDP photographer Duy Tran, who was also interviewed and provided critical technical assistance with lighting and other logistics (and gets a brief moment onscreen), plus local business owners Claudia Camacho of Cafe Sazon, and Mr. Mohamed of Asni Ethiopian Store. 

All our photographers show up also in a nicely-panned still image of everyone’s faces. (I tried for more inclusive coverage of our team, but I don’t get to edit VOA’s stuff!).

VOA gets beamed worldwide, and has a very large following. This is an exceptional showcase.

It presents us, and the work we have all done together as citizens in Arlington to build and sustain a vital diverse community. It looks good - because we’ve done good. 

I’m proud to live here, and proud of the work our team - Aleksandra, Duy, Mimi, and Paula - along with our many supporters and collaborators - have accomplished.

Enjoy the video.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Voice of America | interviews

Voice of America video reporter June Soh is developing a story on the Columbia Pike Documentary Project. CPDP photographers Lloyd Wolf and Duy Tran were interviewed, and guided the reporter to a variety of locations along the Pike, including Cafe Sazon and Asni Ethiopian Store.

Stay tuned for news of the finished piece!

Photography by Duy Tran.

Barcroft Shopping Center and Columbia Pike Plaza - signs, and signs of spring

Photography by Lloyd Wolf.

Farmers market in spring, nearby street views

The Columbia Pike Farmer's Market is open all year, every Sunday from 9:00 am to 1:00 PM., at the corner of Walter Reed Drive and Columbia Pike.
One of the vendors pictured, Markos Andreas Panos, is with Bread and Water, a fine local artisanal bakery.

Photography by Lloyd Wolf.