Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Thank you, end of a long run.

After almost a year and a half, the Living Diversity exhibition in the pop-up gallery at the Arlington Mill Community Center (AMCC) has come down, to be moved to two new spaces along Columbia Pike next month.

Abut half the work will return to its original home in the offices of CPRO, the Columbia Pike Revitalization Organization, and the other half will be moved to a fifth floor exhibition space at the AMCC. The work will still have a home and a presence along the Pike.

Thank you to the whole community, and to the many people who have supported the work of the Columbia Pike Documentary Project and made this exhibition possible.

Notable and special thanks are due to Susan Soroko of Arlington Economic Development, Takis Karantonis, former director of CPRO, Cecilia Cassidy and Amy McWilliams, the current director and associate director of CPRO, Patrick Mallon, the director of AMCC, Tim Stroble and Charles Eby of AMCC, Jim Halloran, Arlington's community art programmer (who will reinstall the AMCC show next month), David Bearinger of the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities, Emma Violand-Sanchez, former Arlington County School Board chair, the Arlington County Board, Wanda Pierce, outgoing director of the Arlington Community Foundation, and the talented photographers who created the work: Duy Tran, Paula Endo, Aleksandra Lagkueva, Xang Mimi Ho, and Lloyd Wolf.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Citizens along the Pike, spring 2017

People observed along Columbia Pike. Spring has begun.

The white-clad Ethiopian women had just been in attendance at pre-Easter services.

Photography by Lloyd Wolf.

Signs and places on the Pike, spring 2017

Views from the middle of Columbia Pike.

Photography by Lloyd Wolf.

Arlington Presbyterian Church

The Arlington Presbyterian Church building, which is over 100 years old, has been sold. It will be demolished, and a 173-unit affordable housing apartment complex, to be named Gilliam Place, will be erected on the site, to be developed by the Arlington Partnership for Affordable Housing. The church has moved to temporary quarters, and will still be using the space in some form after the construction has been completed. Stone from the church will be incorporated into the facade of the new building.

Photography by Lloyd Wolf.

Construction, 4700 block of Columbia Pike

A new apartment complex, that will also incorporate some retail stores at street level, is being constructed in the 4700 block of Columbia Pike.

It is on the site where the second Bob and Edith's Diner was (there have also been numerous other business on this site).

Photography by Lloyd Wolf.

Spring views on the Pike

These views along Columbia Pike are by CPDP intern Moises Gomez.

The white-clad Ethiopian women had just attended a pre-Easter ceremony at the facilities of ECDC, the Ethiopian Community Development Council.