Monday, February 5, 2018

Patrick Henry School community mapping photo workshop (meta experiences)

Students in Mr. Nathan Erwin's third grade class at Patrick Henry Elementary School, just off Columbia Pike, are preparing for a class community mapping project. As part of that project, CPDP photographer Lloyd Wolf presented a program about documenting diversity in the Columbia Pike area, and then worked with the class on basic camera use and visual strategies.

Every elementary school student in Arlington is issued an iPad, which has a pretty useful camera function built in it. The students, who are quite digitally savvy, used them to make portraits of one another, paying attention primarily to composition and expression.

These photographs are of the students at work, and it's interesting to see the many layers of imagery that resulted. Good stuff.

CPDP will be doing additional workshops with the students again later this semester.

Thanks to Mr. Erwin and his lively class for this opportunity to both learn and share. Bright eyes.

Photography by Lloyd Wolf.