Wednesday, March 30, 2022

ARLNow on the Columbia Pike Documentary Project

ArlNow, our community's main online local news source, his featuring an extensive article on the work of the Columbia Pike Documentary Project. 

View it here:

Thanks to reporter Matt Blitz for the coverage.


Tuesday, March 22, 2022

WETA_ "If You Lived Here"- CPDP photographers on the air

Columbia Pike Documentary Project photographers Dewey Tron and Lloyd Wolf were recently featured on WETA-TV's "If You Lived Here" segment on Columbia Pike.

Thanks to the crew at Leapfrog Productions.

Monday, March 21, 2022

Pike people - spring emergence

 Winter is ending, and life returns to the street.

Some of the faces and scenes encountered on a spring walk.

Guatemalan hat vendor

Guatemalan hat vendor

Guatemalan hat vendor

Thanks to Nicole Chavez for her help.

Photography by Lloyd Wolf.

Pike places- spring light

Miscellaneous views along the Pike.

Much of the north side of the 2600 block of the Pike will be demolished later this summer to make way for a higher-rise mixed use development. Many of the businesses have already begun vacating the site.

2600 block of Columbia Pike 

2600 block of Columbia Pike

2600 block of Columbia Pike- scheduled for redevelopment

4700 block of Columbia Pike

Businesses, 3203 Columbia Pike

remodeled McDonald's restaurant 3013 Columbia Pike

Willy's Barber Shop, 3219 Columbia Pike

Photography by Lloyd Wolf.

Westmont - continued construction progress

Documentation of the ongoing major construction project at the corner of Glebe Road and Columbia Pike.

Photography by Lloyd Wolf