Monday, March 8, 2010

First warm day of the year / Pike

These images were made along Columbia Pike on the first day where spring began to hint at arriving.

Photographer Lloyd Wolf was accompanied on this shoot by video cameraman and producer Roger Munter of Arlington County Communications, who is preparing a segment on the work of the Columbia Pike Documentary Project (CPDP).

Great guy to work with- and it made the process of photographing have a different energy and consciousness.

Thanks Roger.

Photography by Lloyd Wolf

People observed

A collection of people from the past four years.

Photography by Duy Tran.

Family Matters

Photographer Duy Tran grew up and still lives in the Columbia Pike corridor. These images, made over the past four years, document the lives and faces of members of his extended family- an inside look at life here.

Photography by Duy Tran

Site views / Pike

Rainbows and other physical phenomena found along the Pike.

Two images document the demolition of the old shopping strip at 5500 Columbia Pike, and of the construction of the current new building on the site.

Photography by Duy Tran