Monday, February 27, 2012

Creative Martial Arts

Creative Martial Arts, a new establishment at 2609 Columbia Pike, offers classes for adults and children. Owner Emerson Doyle emphasizes "self defense, physical fitness, discipline, and confidence.

Photography by Lloyd Wolf.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

William Jeffery's Tavern

William Jeffreys Tavern, which opened at 2301 Columbia Pike in December 2011, features a Prohibition-era theme, and an eclectic menu.
Co-owner Adam Lubar is pictured, along with some of the staff, commissioned artwork, and rooms.
Photography by Lloyd Wolf.

Pedro and Vinny's Burritos

Pedro & Vinny's Burritos began as a food cart business, and now also has a successful restaurant operation.
Pictured are franchise owner Roger, who grew up in Arlington along the Pike, with his mother Yolanda, originally from Bolivia.
They offer fresh Mexican and other fare at 2599 Columbia Pike, Arlington VA 22204 703-302-3999.

Other CPDP photographs of the restaurant exterior can can be seen here.

Photography by Lloyd Wolf.

A few new street views along the Pike

Dusk, 2100 to 2600 block of Columbia Pike.

The dog was tied up outside the CVS drug store, and seemed well-enough cared for, though its eyes....

Photography by Lloyd Wolf.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Senor Pan Restaurant and Bakery

Senor Pan Restaurant, recently opened just off Columbia Pike at 922 S. Walter Reed Drive, specializes in Columbian and other South American cuisine, and offers beautiful pastries from their in-house bakery.

The manager, Juan Chicas, who came to Arlington from El Salvador in 1984, and other members of the staff are pictured.

Co-owner Andres Vives came to to the US to study at Cornell in 1998, and is now a vice-president at CapitalOne.

Orders can be placed at 703-302-5159

Photography by Lloyd Wolf.

BRAVO tenants rights organization | executive director Dennis Jaffe

Dennis Jaffe is the new executive director of BRAVO, a tenants rights organization in Arlington.

Board President Charles Rinker describes BRAVO’s realigned priorities as to educate, engage and empower tenants. “Historically, BRAVO has been dedicated to responding effectively to tenants’ pressing needs that are really about the here and now. We remain committed to serving that purpose, as we launch new initiatives to increase tenants’ civic participation and their visibility throughout Arlington.”

In an interview, Dennis Jaffe said “I have a personal mission, which I bring to my job, and that is to increase tenants’ connectedness to each other and to the Arlington community... For folks who are most struggling financially, who traditionally feel less empowered in society, and who are not connected technologically, we have to work that much harder at helping them to connect with their neighbors and to integrate into the Arlington civic community. Because tenants are not as tied down to where they live, they may not be as quick to get involved civically. We’re committed to changing that. It’s crucial to our county’s long-term diversity.”

BRAVO is located at 2611 Columbia Pike Arlington VA 22204 | 703-685-5100

Photography by Lloyd Wolf

Friday, February 10, 2012

Sedge Moss - The Mayor of South 14th Street

Mr. Sedge Moss, is known to many as "The Mayor of South 14th Street," a neighborhood just off Columbia Pike. He volunteers with Arlington Historical Society, the Columbia Pike Library, and at the old W&OD caboose in Bluemont Park.

He often spends time in front of his house reading a paper and greeting everyone that comes by, including delivery people. As a result, Mr. Moss "knows all kinds of stuff about the neighborhood."

Photography by Paula Endo.