Thursday, March 29, 2012

Arlington Mill Community Center: new construction

Construction is continuing on the new Arlington Mill Community Center, at the corner of Columbia Pike and South Dinwiddie Streets.

Photography by Lloyd Wolf.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Ethio Cafe and Allstate Insurance

Ethio Cafe and Allstate Insurance, at 3045A Columbia Pike, are both owned by Ms. Tsige Paulo, originally from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

703-302-3770 and 703-302-3772

The cafe features traditional Ethiopian coffee beans along with other beverages and treats, and the insurance agency serves a wide range of customer's wishes.
Ms. Paulo is active in community service with the Ethiopian Community Development Council and the Kidane Meheret Church.

Also pictured is Mr. Abraha Yohannes Haile, also from Addis Ababa.

Photography by Lloyd Wolf.

On the Pike - two new images (2900 block)

Man on the street, and getting ready for St. Patrick's Day at P. Brennan's Irish Pub.
Photography by Lloyd Wolf.

Lost Dog Cafe

The Lost Dog Cafe is located at 2920 Columbia Pike, an expansion of their popular first restaurant in the Westover section of Arlington. Of especial note is their wide selection of beers and colorful dog-themed murals.
Among those pictured is manager Steve Sakole.
Photography by Lloyd Wolf.

Mrs. Chen's Kitchen

Mrs. Chen's Kitchen has been open at 3101 Columbia Pike since 1973, one of the oldest businesses on the Pike. They have a large menu of primarily Chinese dishes, and cater to a thriving take out trade, and have table service as well.
Pictured are owner Jing Wei Maria, originally from Taiwan, and manager Gary Shieh.

Photography by Lloyd Wolf.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Arlington Village / Jan Kennemer

Jan Kennemer, a lifelong Arlington Village resident, well-known local realtor and civic activist,
has been interviewed by folklorists from George Mason University's Columbia Pike Oral History Initiative.
Jan also taught in Arlington, serving at Kenmore, Abingdon, Longbranch, and Oakridge Schools from 1975 to 2004.

Arlington Village
was established in 1939. Adjacent to Columbia Pike, it was originally structured as rental neighborhood of over 650 units. It transitioned into a condominium community in 1981. It features solid brick townhomes, and shaded green spaces. Many residents enjoy a local park area called "the ravine." The bench pictured was erected by neighborhood friends in memory and honor of an Arlington Village resident who was killed serving in the war in Afghanistan.

Also pictured is long-time village resident, Matt Abdi.

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