Sunday, February 26, 2012

William Jeffery's Tavern

William Jeffreys Tavern, which opened at 2301 Columbia Pike in December 2011, features a Prohibition-era theme, and an eclectic menu.
Co-owner Adam Lubar is pictured, along with some of the staff, commissioned artwork, and rooms.
Photography by Lloyd Wolf.


Anonymous said...

I can't begin to tell you how happy I was when this place opened. I was even happier when I went there for dinner last friday night and the place was packed. As a local homeowner, I'm so happy to see so much activity on the Pike. I love the atmosphere and the service is pretty good. The only problem is the food just isn't great. Considering our options before WJ opened, I hate to be criticial but I want so badly for this to be a go-to place. There's just nothing that's good enough on the menu to make it a staple for dining out. I've had wings (decent), burgers (below average), catfish (fine but very salty), chicken mozz sandwich (blah). I'm going to stick with it because I want to have a local restaurant to frequent but it's going to take more an more convincing for my wife to go. Anyone have similar experiences?

Anonymous said...

I've been several times since the opening. First for the bar experience and secondly for the food. I think their entree prices are way overpriced for the area. Most sandwiches I've had are decent. However the entree prices leave me not wanting to take the risk. I agree with the other comment posted, it's nice to have another establishment on the Pike to venture out to. However, I have had several run ins with poor service and lack of attention and acknowledgement from the staff (bartenders & servers). I think a little more effort on the part to bring the customer service up a notch would be a smart move!