Saturday, February 25, 2012

BRAVO tenants rights organization | executive director Dennis Jaffe

Dennis Jaffe is the new executive director of BRAVO, a tenants rights organization in Arlington.

Board President Charles Rinker describes BRAVO’s realigned priorities as to educate, engage and empower tenants. “Historically, BRAVO has been dedicated to responding effectively to tenants’ pressing needs that are really about the here and now. We remain committed to serving that purpose, as we launch new initiatives to increase tenants’ civic participation and their visibility throughout Arlington.”

In an interview, Dennis Jaffe said “I have a personal mission, which I bring to my job, and that is to increase tenants’ connectedness to each other and to the Arlington community... For folks who are most struggling financially, who traditionally feel less empowered in society, and who are not connected technologically, we have to work that much harder at helping them to connect with their neighbors and to integrate into the Arlington civic community. Because tenants are not as tied down to where they live, they may not be as quick to get involved civically. We’re committed to changing that. It’s crucial to our county’s long-term diversity.”

BRAVO is located at 2611 Columbia Pike Arlington VA 22204 | 703-685-5100

Photography by Lloyd Wolf

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