Sunday, November 27, 2016

A is for Arlington

A photo by the Columbia Pike Documentary Project is included as an illustration in the new book "A is for Arlington," for the section "R is for Roads." The authors Jennifer Burgin and Elizabeth Kuleski created the book for the Arlington Public Schools' Social Studies Office for use in our classrooms. We are proud to have our work be part of this educational effort. (The photo is by CPDP photographer Lloyd Wolf. It is a view of the 2600 and 2700 blocks of the Pike at night).


Anonymous said...

Photo does not match "you are here" location

Lloyd said...

I suggest you contact the book authors directly regarding this. (I believe the arrow just means to point towards Columbia Pike, which is where the photo was taken. Our project and no direct interaction with the book designer; we just provided the picture as requested, and believe it nicely shows the area for the students). The book is published by Arlington Public Schools, should you wish to make a point to them, which you are of course welcome to do. Thanks for your interest in our project and in our community.